The Pharao`s Treasure

Your group of relic hunters is on a mission to rob a precious treasure from Tutankhamun`s tomb before the curse of the pharao let the whole chamber collapse.

Duration: 60 min
Number of players: 2-6

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The Raid

As part of the local police forces you attack the secret apartment of the head of a dangerous criminal gang. But he left a surprise behind. Can you find it and save hundreeds of lives in 60 minutes?

Duration: 60 min
Number of players: 2-6

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Trapped in Wonderland

It took one and a half an hour for Alice to get out from Wonderland. Can you do it in 70 minutes?

Duration: 70 min
Number of players: 2-6

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2 people € 40 € 20/pers.
3 people € 51 € 17/pers.
4 people € 60 € 15/pers.
5 people € 70 € 14/pers.
6 people € 78 € 13/pers.

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Want to do something different? Celebrate your Birthday with a unique escape room experience and get your free BIRTHDAY GIFT! Surround yourself with family or friends and we will help you to fulfill your special day with laugh and memories. Either you escape or not, you will all have lots of fun and a birthday to remember for very long time.

Our team will take care about the birthday DECORATION and PARTY TOOLS to make perfect photos.

A friendly escape competition, birthday cake, magic tricks for grown-ups, snacks and drinks can be arranged.

Contact us to arrange Your birthday or make a surprise to your beloved ones. We will help you to realize your ideas.


A creative gift idea for any occasion. Surprise your family member or friend with a special escape room experience.
Get your Gift Voucher directly from our escape room shop.

Team Building

Our escape rooms are a great way to spend time with colleagues outside of the working area. Playing escape room is not just a problem-solving exercise. It`s fun, engaging, social activity, encouraging team work, communication and organization. The exercise lets the team members bond and also gives the company a chance to see each member`s contribution. This is why escape games team building has become one of the favorite exercise for companies.

Why to choose our escape rooms?

Available for small and middle size companies, individual departments.
Score system and prize for the winner is available for a friendly escape competition.
Professional support of the players.
Ability to provide snacks and drinks after the game.
Unforgettable experience.

For more information, call +357 96754459 or email us


I have never played escape room. How does it work?

Escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are closed into a thematic room and have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy. Usually players have 60 minutes to complete the mission. The point of all the game is to have fun.

I don't speak English. How can I play?

You don't need any specific language to play our rooms. All the instructions and our website are translated to English, Greek and Russian. If you need help during the game, you just wave to the camera and we communicate through pictures.

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