Privacy policy

While booking online, via email or phone, the Customer is requested to provide his/her full name, valid email address and a valid contact number. Escape Games Logiccastle is the controller of the above-mentioned personal data and any other personal data that the Customer provides to Escape Games Logiccastle while participating in the activities.

Escape Games Logiccastle will not provide/sell/post/share the Customer`s name, email address and/or contact number to any 3rd party.
Escape Games Logiccastle will not use the Customer`s name, email address and/or contact number for marketing purposes without the Customer`s consent and agreement.
Escape Games Logiccastle reserve the right to send email to the Customer after his/her visit with the purpose of collecting feedback and/or review.
Escape Games Logiccastle keeps in its system the Customer`s name, contact number and email address for statistical purposes.

Photos and videos are taken in the end of the game/event and are posted on Escape Games Logiccastle`s social network pages. These materials may be also used for marketing purposes. The Customer has the right to request in advance Escape Games Logiccastle not to publish any photo/video material where he/she appears.

All rooms are monitored with web cameras with the purpose of allowing our staff to provide assistance during the activity and to trace any damage caused in the room and in its objects. These videos are not stored.

The Customer is not allowed to take photos and videos inside any of the rooms offered by Escape Games Logiccastle. In case the Customer is caught making any kind of recordings, he/she will be required to delete all the related content immediately.