What is an escape room?

Escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are closed into a thematic room and have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy. There is a certain time frame available to complete the mission. The point of the game is to have fun.

I don`t speak English. How can I play?

You don`t need any specific language to play our rooms. All the instructions and our website are translated to English, Greek and Russian. If you need help during the game, you just wave to the camera and we communicate through pictures.

Is there any age limit?

Children from ages 8-12 are encouraged to participate in the game or celebrate birthdays with us. We have rooms which are suitable for families with smaller kids (5-8 age) as well. Since our puzzles are complex, our Game Master is giving full assistance for kids during the game to make sure they have progress, fun and enjoy the game.

How many people can play?

Our rooms are designed for 2-6 players. If you are 7-8 people for the same room, bear in mind, that you have to share the space, puzzles and success between each other.

Is there anything scary in the rooms?

No, there is nothing scary in our rooms.

How do I start the game?

In our rooms, you can do different puzzles in the same time. Therefore, there are more than one start points.

How can I get help if I stuck with a clue?

There will be a Game Master following your progress through the camera. You have the option to ask for a hint any time you need waving to the camera.

What if I cannot get out in time?

Our rooms are challenging, but players have a very good chance to escape. You can ask as much help as you want during the game. Our Game Master monitors your progress and helps your team to manage the time. If you need just few more minutes to finish the last puzzle, we can give you couple of extra minutes (depending on the availability of the room).

Can I book outside the regular schedule?

We are happy to arrange customized appointment. Please give us a call to arrange this.

I have a reservation, but cannot come.

In case you cannot keep your booking, please give us a call or send an sms to +357 96754459 including your name and time/date of the booking you wish to cancel.

Do you have any promotion or discount?

All our temporary promotions are posted on our Instagram and Facebook page. Follow “Escape Games Logiccastle” social media to be up to date or ask our crew.

Can I take my phone to the rooms?

Escape room is a phone free activity. Our puzzles cannot be found on internet and photos/videos are not allowed during the game. Please keep these in mind before taking the phone with you.

Can I pay with Visa?

We can only accept cash payment.