The Pharao`s Treasure

In 1907 a famous egyptologist Howard Carter and his team discovered the KV62 chamber, which contains lots of gold and valuable antiquities of Tutankhamon Pharaoh. But Carter died before finishing the excavation, therefore, your relic hunter team (employed by his daughter) is heading to the Valley of the Kings to rob a precious treasure from the tomb. Careful! You have only 60 minutes before the curse of the pharaoh let the whole chamber collapse.

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   60 min

Number of players:



2 people € 40 € 20/pers.
3 people € 51 € 17/pers.
4 people € 60 € 15/pers.
5 people € 70 € 14/pers.
6 people € 78 € 13/pers.

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