The House of Silence
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More than 70 years have passed since the old Weirstone died. No relatives came to take the house, no buyers to see it. It`s just sitting in a large and noisy street, without giving any sound. People started calling it „The House of Silence”.

But light coming out of the windows now. There is a new owner of the house, although, no one has met him. From time to time, neighbours see small groups of people going in, but never out.

People whisper, that once you enter, you will be gone forever. Can you break this legend? After all, you are already inside! And the clock is ticking ...

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Cyprus` longest escape room

The most technically advanced room

Around 40 clues on 50 sqm

Leaderboard for TOP 5

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   2h 30min

Number of players:



1 Codebreakers 3595
2 VANN 3359
3 Killigan Cousins 3245
4 Patourakia 3232
5 Florian 3214


2 people € 80 € 40/pers.
3 people € 102 € 34/pers.
4 people € 120 € 30/pers.
5 people € 140 € 28/pers.
6 people € 156 € 26/pers.
7 people € 175 € 25/pers.

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