Terms & Conditions

Prices and booking

All prices showing on the website include the legally applicable VAT, according to the current VAT legislation. Prices listed on our website can be changed at any time without any prior notice.

Once the booking has been made, the Customer will receive a confirmation email for the specific booking. The Customer may also get a reminder sms a couple of hours prior to the booked time.

In case of the Customer cannot be present at Escape Games Logiccastle on the booked time, he/she is required to let Escape Games Logiccastle know about his/her absence in advance via any of the offered ways of communication on our Contact Us page.

Escape Games Logiccastle reserve the rights to not to accept any further booking from Customer, who was not present at the booked time and missed to contact Escape Games Logiccastle to cancel the booking.

Escape Games Logiccastle does accept only cash payment in EUR currency, made at the location of the activity itself. The Customer is required to pay the full amount of the service prior to start the game. Escape Games Logiccastle is unable to accept denominations higher than 200 EUR due to security reasons.

Privacy policy

While booking online, via email or phone, the Customer is requested to provide his/her full name, valid email address and a valid contact number. Escape Games Logiccastle is the controller of the above-mentioned personal data and any other personal data that the Customer provides to Escape Games Logiccastle while participating in the activities.

Escape Games Logiccastle will not provide/sell/post/share the Customer`s name, email address and/or contact number to any 3rd party.
Escape Games Logiccastle will not use the Customer`s name, email address and/or contact number for marketing purposes without the Customer`s consent and agreement.
Escape Games Logiccastle keeps in its system the Customer`s name, contact number and email address for security reasons. These details are deleted automatically from the system within 6 months.

Photos and videos are taken in the end of the game/event and are posted on Escape Games Logiccastle`s social network pages. These materials may be also used for marketing purposes. The Customer has the right to request in advance Escape Games Logiccastle not to publish any photo/video material where he/she appears.

All rooms are monitored with web cameras with the purpose of allowing our staff to provide assistance during the activity and to trace any damage caused in the room and in its objects. These videos are not stored.

The Customer is not allowed to take photos and videos inside any of the rooms offered by Escape Games Logiccastle. In case the Customer is caught making any kind of recordings, he/she will be required to delete all the related content immediately.


The Customer is responsible and liable for any loss or damage caused by him/her to the premises of Escape Games Logiccastle. Therefore, any damaged item will be repaired/replaced on the Customer`s cost. The games are not based on activities forced by power or muscle. None of the items/locks/boxes/doors/safeboxes require manpower. The alteration of the heating/electrical system is not part of the solution of the puzzles.

Escape Games Logiccastle reserves the rights to interrupt the game any time when the crew sees Customers damaging the premises in the rooms.

Behaviour and conduct

Customers under influence of alcohol/drugs are not allowed to enter to the rooms. Escape Games Logiccastle does not tolerate abusive language/behaviour. Escape Games Logiccastle reserves the rights to deny the access to the rooms and/or participating in activities in any of the above mentioned cases.

The Customer is required to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to start the game in order to be provided with information regarding the game/event for his/her own safety and security. In case of the Customer is late, he/she will be given the same information during the time supposed to spent in the room to avoid delaying the next team.

Customers are required to leave their personal items such as jackets, hats, backpacks, phones, cameras, etc. in one of the lockers provided by Escape Games Logiccastle. Escape Games Logiccastle is not liable for any missing belongings.

The Customer is required to let Escape Games Logiccastle`s staff know about any medical condition such as claustrophoby, heart condition, hypertension, epilepsy and basically anything which may cause problems for him/her during the game. If the Customer, despite he/she has any special medical condition, decides to participate in the game, it can be only done for his/her own responsibility.

Customers with mobility problems can participate in some of the games, however, they must be accompanied by minimum one adult with perfect mobility.

Children less than 14 years old must be accompanied by minimum one adult.
Minimum one adult is required to go into the escape rooms with children younger than 12 years. This adult can be chosen by the Customer or can be the crew member of Escape Games Logiccastle.
Escape Games Logiccastle reserves the rights to join teams of children in the escape rooms any time the crew finds it necessary.

Escape Games Logiccastle is not responsible for any medical complications or cost related to the Customer playing the game.

Escape Games Logiccastle is not responsible and shall not be liable for any personal injuries or property loss arising from or in any way connected to the use of the services/facilities provided by Escape Games Logiccastle.

Accepting this agreement, the Customer declares, that he/she read, understood and respects the above mentioned Terms and Conditions.