Birthday FAQ

Do you organize birthday parties for kids?

At the moment, we offer the regular escape room activity for kids, which can be a fun part of their birthday celebration.

What is the recommended age for kids to play?

We recommend escape room for kids from 8 years old for the 1 hour games and minimum 10 years for the 1h30min or 2h30min games. Kid groups up to 12 years are accompanied by one of our Game Master inside the rooms during the game.

What is the maximum number of kids you can accept?

Since covid restrictions are always changing, if you have more than 7 kids on the invitation list, please contact us. We will help you with the organization.

What rooms do you have for kids and how much does it cost?

We have escape room of 1 hour, 1h30mins and 2h30mins duration. The price is based on the number of players. You can check our schedule and prices under Rooms&Booking / Info.

Do you offer food, drinks?

No, we do not offer food or drinks. But there are several restaurants very close to our escape room (Pizza Hut, KFC, Ocean Basket, etc.) where your kids can have their meal after the game. You can check Google map to see all the food options around Escape Games Logiccastle, Dhekelia rd, Larnaka.

Can we bring our food, drinks, cake to the escape room?

Kids can stay in the escape room premises only for the time of the game. No further activity (gathering, picnic, eating a cake, etc.) can be held in our premises (including the terrace).

How early I have to book for a birthday?

We recommend to make the booking as soon as you know the exact number of players and the date. We recommend to call us when booking for kids, so we will help you to organize the game according to the age and number of the kids, etc.

Is the game in English?

No specific language knowledge is required to play our escape rooms.