The House of Silence, The Basement and Forbidden Rooms are 3 different escape rooms?

Nope. “The House of Silence – Full Story” is a 2 and a half an hour game on 50 sqm. You can play the 2h 30min at once, or you can play it in 2 parts: “The Basement – Part I” (1hour) and “Forbidden Rooms – Part II” (1hour 30min). Each part has it`s own contribution to the main story and a partial mission to complete. Therefore, they can be booked separately without the feeling of loosing or missing something in the end.

So what`s the point of playing The House of Silence – Full Story?

Both parts are strongly connected to a main story line. Our concept is about to give you 2 and a half an hour experience for everything, which you start only to taste in the standard 1 hour room. Solving around 40 clues, one after another, for such a long time will lead you to open doors, deep jump into a surrealistic game, leave the world behind and take your brain and team to the limits. Yes, it may be exhausting, but you have infinite chance to live your success together with your team and have lots of fun and laugh on how your friends / family members think about survival.

Can I play first Part II and then Part I?

You can perfectly enjoy the puzzles of both rooms, no matter which one you start with. However, we believe, that it is easier to understand the story, see the final mission and get warmed up with the puzzles if you start with “The Basement” (1hour) room.

Can kids play The House of Silence – Full Story?

“The House of Silence – Full Story” has been designed mainly for adults and/or experienced players. However, we offer the 2 hours 30 minutes game for kids from 10 years age with the guidance of our Game Master accompanying the kids inside the room. In case of kids a 10 minutes break is included in the 2h 30mins playtime.

Can I go out for a cigarette?

We are flexible in terms of breaks, as long as it fits in our schedule. At certain points of the game, we will offer you the option to have couple of minutes of rest.

Rules for phones, food and drinks inside the rooms.

Escape room is a phone free activity. Our puzzles cannot be found on internet and photos/videos are not allowed during the game. All personal belongings can be left in our lockers. You can take your personal, non alcoholic drink inside the room only in closed bottle (such as bottled water, bottled refreshment, thermal flask with tea or coffee). Cups, drinks in glass, cans, food, snacks are not allowed.