Is The House of Silence a horror room? Is it scary?

No. It is not a horror room and it does not have a live actor. There is nothing scary in The House of Silence. We do not have scary rooms.

Can kids play The House of Silence?

“The House of Silence” has been designed mainly for adults and/or experienced players. However, we offer the 2 hours 30 minutes game for kids from 12 years age with the guidance of our Game Master accompanying the kids inside the room. In case of kids a 10 minutes break is included in the 2h 30mins playtime.

Can I go out for a cigarette?

We are flexible in terms of breaks, as long as it fits in our schedule. At certain points of the game, we will offer you the option to have couple of minutes of rest.

Rules for phones, food and drinks inside the rooms.

Escape room is a phone free activity. Our puzzles cannot be found on internet and photos/videos are not allowed during the game. All personal belongings can be left in our lockers. You can take your personal, non alcoholic drink inside the room only in closed bottle (such as bottled water, bottled refreshment, thermal flask with tea or coffee). Cups, drinks in glass, cans, food, snacks are not allowed.