007 - Channel Inferno

Matthew Lamett, high tech millionaire, holding 15% of the satellites circling around the planet. MI6 has certain information, that Inferno X05, one of his satellite is able to fire "more" than just live broadcasts.

Our informators also confirmed, that Matthew is participating on a VIP auction along with the most powerful mafia leaders worldwide to sell his weapon. But to push the price up, he arranged a demonstration, to let buyers see the full potential of the Inferno. We cannot let this happens. Find the satellite controller and disarm it before the Inferno reaches its destination.

3rd generation escape room

Stunning scenarios

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Number of players:



2 people € 88 € 44/pers.
3 people € 114 € 38/pers.
4 people € 136 € 34/pers.
5 people € 150 € 30/pers.
6 people € 168 € 28/pers.
7 people € 182 € 26/pers.

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