Raid II - Reloaded

The popular Raid story continues with completely new riddles, a new mission and exciting new challenges!

Previously a brave swat team successfully defused the bomb and escaped from our criminal's apartment, saving us from the apocalyptic explosion.

But shortly after, the pyromaniac gangster managed to snake back to his secret room and prepared his new and evil plan, as a revenge for the previous raid. There is a bomb hidden somewhere around the world. The traces drive your police team again to his apartment, where your only mission is to locate that explosive and save maybe thousands of lives.

The only room in CY using AR technology

Good for families with older kids

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2 people € 44 € 22/pers.
3 people € 57 € 19/pers.
4 people € 68 € 17/pers.
5 people € 75 € 15/pers.
6 people € 84 € 14/pers.
7 people € 91 € 13/pers.

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